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Fire safety drills in Klaipėda unit

In accordance with the General Fire Safety Regulations (GFR), 2024. 29 May A fire safety drill was held at the Klaipėda waste sorting unit of Virginijus ir Ko UAB, during which the company’s employees were trained in fire safety issues.

During the exercise, the fire alarm was activated and all 27 staff members present in the area quickly evacuated to the area marked with the evacuation sign “Meeting Place”. The fire safety drill was organised by Audronė Tamašaitė, a specialist in occupational safety and health (OSH) at UAB Virginijus ir Ko, who reminded the employees of the key points regarding fire safety instructions and safe evacuation rules, how to behave in case of fire. After the theoretical part, the staff practically tested the effectiveness of a powder extinguisher and how to use a fire tap. A practical test of running water into a fire hose and a simulated fire extinguishing.

As DSS Specialist A. Tamašaitė said, “Training always improves the awareness of workers to comply with all safety requirements in their daily work, and updating their knowledge improves their vigilance in emergency situations, so continuous training of workers is important”.