V i r g i n i j u s i r K o

Fire safety drills in Klaipėda unit

As DSS Specialist A. Tamašaitė said, “Training always improves the awareness of workers to comply with all safety requirements in their daily work, and updating their knowledge improves their vigilance in emergency situations, so continuous training of workers is important”.

Information for farmers, agricultural companies and cooperatives

We invite farmers, agricultural companies, cooperatives and other economic operators to register and arrange for waste collection or to bring their own waste to our waste management sites in Klaipėda, Telšiai and Šiauliai region.

Fire safety drills

A fire safety evacuation drill is held at the Šiauliai Unit. The exercise involved 35 employees and tested the operation of the alarms and the evacuation preparedness of employees. It looked for possible mistakes to avoid during a real evacuation.

Introducing eco-innovation in new product development in UAB Virginijus ir Ko

Virginijus ir Ko has become one of the largest recyclable waste and secondary raw materials management companies in Western Lithuania.

New plastic waste recycling plant in Šiauliai district

The collected plastic waste will be recycled into pellets, which will be used as raw material for new products. The project’s capacity will allow the recycling of up to 8,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.