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Klaipėda Waste Sorting Unit

Telšiai Waste Sorting Unit

Šiauliai Waste Sorting Unit

Transportation and management of secondary raw materials and packaging waste

Iš įmonių, organizacijų, ūkininkų, prekybos centrų, parduotuvių, mokyklų, spaustuvių ir kitų juridinių asmenų surenkame antrines žaliavas ir pakuočių atliekas:

For the collection service of secondary raw materials, according to the area, contact our company’s sorting units. The purchase prices of secondary raw materials are contractual and depend on the amount of raw materials, contamination, place of formation and other circumstances.

Antrinių žaliavų surinkimas

At the customer’s request, we can organize the removal of secondary raw materials according to:


For the sorting and collection of secondary raw materials, we provide companies with:

According to the Waste Management Rules, “The waste holder, in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Waste Management and other legal acts, must transfer the waste to the waste management company in accordance with the contracts for the use and/or disposal of this waste <<…>> The waste holder, having transferred the waste himself or through the carrier to the relevant waste processing company for the company, must have a document confirming the transfer of waste (e.g. invoice, waste transfer-acceptance act, indicating the type of waste transferred, waste code and weight, date of waste transfer)”.

UAB “Virginijus ir Ko” is registered in the state register of waste handlers, therefore it has the right to collect, transport, prepare for processing, process or hand over to processors or other waste handlers a wide range of various wastes in accordance with the law. The waste acceptance-handover acts and/or invoices issued by us will be proof that you have handed over the waste to a legal waste manager.