V i r g i n i j u s i r K o

Introducing eco-innovation in new product development in UAB Virginijus ir Ko

Virginijus ir Ko UAB was established in 2001. The company’s main activity is the management of secondary raw materials and industrial waste, i.e. collection, preparation for recycling, recycling or transfer to recyclers, export of waste, and recovery of waste not suitable for recycling. Since the beginning of the company’s activities, the number of employees of the company has increased more than 10 times, the occupied markets and fields of activity have expanded. Qualified personnel with many years of experience in the field of waste management have been assembled, which ensures a fast, complex service package tailored to each customer. Virginijus ir Ko has become one of the largest recyclable waste and secondary raw materials management companies in Western Lithuania. The company currently has four branches in Klaipėda, Telšiai and Šiauliai districts (Kužiai and Kairiiai) and operates in 24 municipalities in Lithuania. The company manages more than 30 000 tonnes of waste per year. The company at Plento 2D, Kairiai, is currently engaged in waste management activities and the diversification and expansion of the company’s activities under the project will therefore take place at this address.

Virginijus ir Ko, UAB plans and organises its business activities in a purposeful way, and in order to become a market leader, it has decided to diversify its activities, i.e. not only to carry out waste management activities, but also to start producing a wide range of high quality pellets, equivalent to virgin plastic, and to introduce eco-innovations in the company’s economic activities. The company aims to maximise the use of secondary raw materials to create high quality products, thus contributing to reducing the use of natural resources. The recent period has shown the volatility of the market economy, which means that growth, change and improvement are necessary to maintain our market position.

The aim of the project is to diversify the company’s production processes by introducing technological eco-innovations, the use of secondary raw materials and the use of waste-free economic activities in order to reduce the negative environmental impact.

The objective of the project is to invest in tangible assets.

Project activities: purchase of 5 plants enabling the recycling of various types of plastic waste, including difficult-to-recycle, contaminated fibrous waste.

The project activities are expected to end in 2023. Q4.

The project is being implemented under the 2014-2020. Call for proposals for the European Union Funds Investment Action Programme measure 03.3.2-LVPA-K-837 “Eco-innovation LT+”.